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Whiteboard Workout #9: Past Boot Camps – Chest Buster

  • warm up 5 mins

45 seconds work 15 seconds rest, (first is cardio, second is strength and needs weights) repeat each combination back to back for 4 sets, then 1 min rest before next

  • 1 – Pop Squats (pick up something from the floor with one hand and throw it up in the air, then the other side); Squat to side leg with lateral raise
  • 2 – Spider Climbers or mountain climbers; Bent over Row
  • 3 – Split Lunges; Alternate side lunges w overhead press in center
  • 4 – Burpees; Chest fly
  • 5 – Lateral Leap; Turkish Get up
  • 6 – Star Jumps; Turkish Get up (the other arm)