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Child Care
Exercise Schedules

Whiteboard Workout #6: Quick Burn

Do each exercise for 30 seconds with 15 seconds rest

Burpee Prep:  wide squat, hands down, step legs back, optional push up, stand up.

Inchworms: bend over, walk hands out, walk feet to hands, stand up.

Squats or squat jumps

Full Burpees

Repeat above

1 minute rest

:30 with :15 seconds rest

Mountain Climbers


Plank with leg lifts (keep hips square)

Bear walk

1 minute rest

Repeat above

1 minute rest

Grand Finale :30 each exercise, no rest

Lunges forward and back, R

Squat Jacks

Lunges forward & Back, L

Squat Jumps

One minute rest. Option to repeat.