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Whiteboard Workout #3: Tabata Workout

Warm up for 4 minutes, high knees, jumping jacks, push ups, 20 reps of each for the 4 mins

Be sure to warm up and stretch. To increase intensity limit pausing between exercises. You’ve got this!

Work Phase is 30 seconds, Rest phase is 10 seconds, complete each 2 sets of exercises 8 times

  • 1- Frog Jump Forward and Backwards
  • 2- Jack Swing with Dumbbell
  • 1- Knee Thrust hop, lateral leap, Knee Thrust hop
  • 2- Burpee, pick up Dumbbells to Overhead Press
  • 1- Shuffle forward w 3 Jabs, 1 cross, shuffle back
  • 2- Bear Crawl to Push up