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My Y Story: Andi Skorheim

The YMCA Annual Campaign raises funds to support many programs, including Make a Splash, a free aquatics program that teaches 3rd grade students from four local elementary schools how to swim. Students visit the Y and learn essential skills so they can be safe in and around water.

Andi Skorheim, YMCA volunteer and staff member, first volunteered at the Y with the Make a Splash program. Andi recalls how impactful it was to learn that the Y was a non-profit organization, supporting local youth and providing free programs for families who may not have access swim lessons.

“The pool has always been an important part of my life because it was how my mom and I would spend quality time together,” said Skorheim. “It was a full circle moment for me when I got to be part of a program that teaches kids to love the water and create a special memory.”

Andi remembers the first time the kids arrived at the Y in buses, flooding out with lots of energy – cheerful, rowdy, and excited to get into the Y. The Y provided swimsuits and googles, if the kids needed swimwear, and the kids got ready for their lessons.

“When all the kids were in the pool learning to swim, the aquatics center echoed loudly with joyful laughter and play,” said Skorheim. “In that moment, I realized that this program brought joy, safety and an unforgettable experience to their children. It didn’t sell me on the Y, it bonded me to it.”

Generous Annual Campaign donations help the Y offer important programs to the community, including Make a Splash. Providing lifesaving water safety skills to children is an opportunity that the Y hopes to bring to every child in Snohomish County.

“The experiences I have had as a YMCA volunteer are lifechanging,” said Skorheim. “Building memories and helping others is what life is all about. I’ve also been able to take what I learned at the Y and help my nieces learn how to swim.”

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