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Mukilteo Family YMCA Revolutionizes Strength Training with Exclusive eGym System

Mukilteo, WA. April 18, 2023 — The Mukilteo Family YMCA is the only gym in Washington state to feature the eGym system, strength equipment that provides a personalized, interactive, and motivating workout, that accommodates all fitness levels. Access to eGym is a free member benefit, available to all YMCA of Snohomish County members.

“Our eGym equipment is so personalized that it has benefits for everyone,” says Stephanie Corbelli, Health and Wellness Coordinator, Mukilteo Family YMCA. “It’s a great way for a new member to build confidence, a high school athlete to get ready for their upcoming season, or someone rehabbing from an injury to increase strength.”

Longtime Y member, Gia McKinzie, discovered eGym a few months ago and it has revolutionized the way she works out. Prior to starting this program, McKinzie used free weights and cardio equipment, but she appreciates the ease and intuitiveness of the eGym technology.

“I’ve always worked out, but I just recently learned about eGym,” says McKinzie. “I love it. It’s so easy to use and I don’t have to think about it because everything is set up for me.”

eGym is a 14-machine strength circuit that provides a full-body workout. Every user has an initial onboarding orientation with Y staff to get set up on the machines and complete a strength test so the workout is customized to a user’s fitness level. All information is stored on a band or fob that users scan at each machine, which then calibrates to their personalized program.

Each eGym fitness machine guides users through the exercise. The digital display is set up like a game, making it fun and challenging to work through the exercise.

“I know I’ll get a full-body workout since each machine targets a different muscle group,” says McKinzie. “I’ve noticed an increase in my strength and fitness. I like the consistency and efficiency of eGym.”

Since eGym builds a personalized program, it’s easier to track progress and achieve health and wellness goals. eGym also syncs with the YMCA of Snohomish County app, providing information.

“By syncing with the app, users receive information that they won’t get by training on their own,” says Corbelli. “Having access to data helps motivate and inspire eGym users to continue pushing towards their goals of getting stronger.”

To learn more about YMCA membership or to take a tour of the Mukilteo Y, please visit There is a $0 Join Fee (a $100 savings) for the month of April.