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Marysville Family YMCA Mock Trial Team Competes at Districts

Marysville, WA. March 13, 2023 –Marysville Family YMCA’s Mock Trial team recently competed at the district competition at the Snohomish County Superior Court, showcasing skills they’ve learned in a high-drama courtroom competition. The team spent months preparing for the event, working together to present a criminal case before a real judge and jury.

“Mock trial gives young adults the opportunity to learn about law and government in a fun environment that encourages camaraderie,” said Taryn Dinius, Senior Program Director, Marysville Family YMCA. “By focusing on a common goal and getting a job done, the students build relationships and learn valuable lessons. The experience opens doors and exposes to students to new opportunities.”

YMCA Mock Trial is a national program that encourages students to learn more about the legal system, while learning other lifelong skills including planning and preparation, oral advocacy and more. The team is given a criminal case and they must prepare for all roles, including litigant, witnesses, defense and present the case before a judge and jury.

“I think the most impactful thing I’ve learned through mock trial is the ability to think on my feet and using critical thinking skills,” said Dante Rieger, Team Captain and a senior at Marysville-Getchell High School. “We are often asked to dissect a complex argument or challenge an objection and need to create a solid argument in the moment.”

Marysville YMCA’s 10-member team is comprised of students from four local high schools. Mock Trial is part of the Youth and Government program and anyone can join. No previous experience is needed; just a desire to learn, regularly show up, and be an active team member. The confidence, teamwork, and decision-making skills that participants acquire benefit them in all aspects of life.

“When I started mock trial, I could not speak in front of people,” said Rieger. “Now, I can give a 10-minute presentation in front of a jury, no sweat.”

The YMCA of Snohomish County plans to bring Mock Trial to other branches across the county. The next season begins in Fall 2023, but the Y may host mini practices throughout the summer to keep participants engaged.

“Do it, it’s fun,” said Rieger. “You’ll learn a lot and make lifelong friends.”

To learn more about participating in YMCA Mock Trial, please contact Taryn Dinius at