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Do I have to put every family member on hold or just one?

Yes, holds apply to every member on an account. You can start your hold at no cost at here.  Thanks for being an awesome Y member! Please join us online at no cost at ymca-snoco.org/y-at-home

Are memberships being reimbursed?

These are unusual circumstances and we want to make it as easy as possible. Complete our on-hold form online to place your membership on hold. Thanks for being an awesome Y member! Please join us online at no cost at ymca-snoco.org/y-at-home

Program Credit Policy: 

If you’re registered for a paid program, we are offering a credit for the unused portion of the program that you can apply to future programs. For example, if your child was in a five-week program and has participated in four weeks, you will be credited for one week. Please complete the online program credit form. At this time we are not issuing refunds for future programs that will be starting April and beyond.

I do not want my membership fees credited, I want to support the Y.

Wow – thank you! Your support will enable us to continue serving our community’s greatest needs, like providing child care at no cost to medical workers, and help us offer wage continuation to staff. THANK YOU! Can’t wait to see you again soon.

How long will the hold/refund take?

We will be processing as quickly as possible, but given the volume and this being a manual process based on our systems, we expect it may take up to a week. Thank you so much for your patience!

Why don’t you just put every membership on hold?

We have heard from many members that they want to continue supporting the Y during this time, for which we are grateful! We understand not everyone can do that and absolutely respect each family’s decision. We hope the hold process is easy and provides a reasonable option during this difficult time.

Are you charging the $7 hold fee?

We are not charging any hold fees during this emergency, we apologize for any misinformation!

Are you offering Child Care during closure? 

Yes! Phone or email the Child Care Registrar affiliated with the YMCA branch providing care to register.  Please also fill out the paperwork for camp here: https://ymca-snoco.org/emergency-camp-paperwork  You can find more information regarding our Emergency Care here.

Are the branches cleaning during closure?

Yes! We are taking this unique time to perform our annual, one week shutdown activities to ensure we will not be closed for a shutdown week in the future. Our facilities team is working hard, deep cleaning, repairing, and updating our facilities. We are so excited to welcome our members back to all our facilities.