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Right Start Wellness Coaching

A Right Start is a one-on-one meeting with a trained Y Wellness Coach to meet with you and discuss your goals, answer any questions you may have, show you how to use equipment and recommend appropriate wellness programming suitable to help you reach your goals in the best possible way. We want you to get the most out of your Y Membership, and our Right Start staff is available to assist you with up to three customized and FREE appointments to help you get a Right Start on your journey to health.


Decrease muscle soreness, stress, and allergy symptoms while improving mental clarity, sleep quality and range of motion. A licensed massage therapist uses a variety of techniques to help alleviate pain and improve well-being. By appointment at the Everett Family YMCA.

Nutrition Coaching

A certified nutrition coach will help you implement healthy eating strategies to improve well-being and reach your goals.

Personal Training

A certified personal trainer will develop a structured program to help you reach your personal goals. Visit your branch Welcome Center for more information.

Group Personal Training

Small Group Training sessions are led by a certified personal trainer and each session focuses on a specialized format such as strength training, endurance, or core. Small Group Training classes are intentionally small – usually no more than eight to 12 participants per session. Visit your branch Welcome Center for more information.

Fitness Challenges

Throughout the year, we offer fitness challenges to help you get motivated for improved health! Information is available at your branch Welcome Center.