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At the Y, we believe the ability to swim is a critical life skill.
When you learn to swim, you gain confidence, acquire safety/rescue skills, and experience water activities you can enjoy for a lifetime. Throughout all stages, we teach students how to be safe and more comfortable in the water.

The YMCA has long been America’s favorite swimming instructor. Whether just learning how to swim, improving strokes, or taking water exercise classes, members are in safe hands with our certified swimming instructors and lifeguards.

Masters Swim

Brad Herring is our Masters Swim Coach. Brad is working with our team to create some new national records as a team, and as individuals as well.

Private and Semi Private Swim Lessons | Ages 6 months+

Private Lessons are taught on a one-on-one basis tailored to fit your individual needs or goals. Semi-Private Lessons can be used to teach multiple individuals of a similar skill level at the same time. Students who are unable to participate in-group lessons due to special needs that make a group environment unsafe are given priority.

Private Lessons: $35-$45 FM | $55-65 PM
Semi-Private Lessons: $17.50-22.50 FM | $27.50-32.50 PM

Teen and Adult Private Lessons | Ages 12-17 and 18+

Classes will focus on the individual goals and needs of each student. This class helps develop comfort in the water, introduce air exchange, floating on front and back, learn basic crawl stroke and other basic strokes. Students are introduced to the backstroke, sidestroke, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke, with emphasis on technique to increase endurance.

Private Lessons: $35-$45 FM | $55-65 PM
Semi-Private Lessons: $17.50-22.50 FM | $27.50-32.50 PM

Community Swim | All Ages

Recreational swim time. One lap lane is  provided. Community swim is available for free to all community members. Upon arriving at the pool, you will be asked to sign in, to help keep track of attendance. Please bring current photo ID.                                                   

Third Saturday of Every Month | 2-4:45 pm

Adult Swim | Ages 18+

Scheduled times when the recreation pool is reserved for individuals aged 18 and older who want to complete their own exercise programs, stretch, or water walk with limited interruptions.
Adult Swim is cancelled on non-school days for the Stanwood Camano School District


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