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Child Care
Exercise Schedules

Teens, tweens, and everyone in between are welcome at the Y. Your membership is the first step to meeting new friends, playing sports, getting in shape to feel great, and reaching academic goals. We’ve created the following programs to ensure a safe, fun, and successful environment for all Y members.

MAP (My Achievers Program)

MAP motivates and advocates for disadvantaged and underrepresented youth to achieve higher education goals. Focused on social justice, MAP encourages students to have meaningful conversations about culture, identity, social responsibility and more. We also provide help with homework, preparation for the transition to high school, and opportunities for college and career exploration.

Voyager Middle School

Wednesday & Thursday | 2:45-4:30 pm

Explorer Middle School

Tuesday & Wednesday | 2:45-4:30 pm

Mariner High School

Thursday & Friday | 2-4 pm

Grow 60

This fall we’re launching Grow 60, a five-day-a week initiative at the CRCC to provide 60 minutes of skill-building, eye-opening opportunities for youth each day.
With a special emphasis on working with partners and volunteers to teach outdoor skills, STEM, and the arts, Grow 60 is intended to provide our kids the chance to develop a passion for something, so they can become inspired, create big dreams, and work towards those dreams.

Monday – Thursday | 4-5 pm
Fridays | 3-4 pm
During the School Year
Casino Road Community Center

Schedule: Monday | Tech-Out with 4-H
Tuesday | Wise Kids with Camp Fire
Wednesday | Chess with Jerry
Thursday | Girl Scouts & Activities For Boys