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All members must complete an orientation at the Mukilteo YMCA prior to using eGym equipment. Please ask a staff member in the Healthy Living area for more information and to sign up for an orientation.

What is eGym?

eGym takes the guesswork out of strength training and helps you keep a routine and reach your goals! eGym consists of 10 fully electronic stations that cover all the major muscle groups and have been developed according to the latest exercise science research.

To use these machines, each member completes an orientation where they receive their personalized identification band, which allows the machines to recognize you, adjust for height, weight and strength, and tracks your progress. eGym machines feature touchscreens with an interface like a video game that shows you how many reps to do, at what speed and with what range of motion.

The eGym machines are arranged in a circuit and a timer tells you when to change machines to ensure a full workout in under 45 minutes. These machines are incredibly easy to use because they’re personalized to you. eGym works for everyone, from the beginner to the more advanced athlete – you can train based on your individual strengths, weaknesses and fitness goals. Gain confidence that you’re doing the right workouts the right way!

eGym is offered to YMCA members completely free!

eGym will help you achieve your fitness goals.

eGym provides a very efficient and versatile workout for all training objectives such as muscle building, muscle toning, athletic performance, general fitness and weight loss. Through regular strength measurements, the machines adapt your training weight automatically. You will always work out with the optimum resistance to achieve your goals.

Your machine settings will be automatic.

After a one time introduction, the eGym machines will adjust to your settings automatically at every training session.

With the eGym Fitness App, you can schedule and track workouts.

Your training data is automatically synchronized with the eGym platform and is ​​available via egym.com and fitness app. Let your training plan be sent to your smartphone, check off exercises as you go and track every single training session inside or outside of the gym.


Why do I need to complete an orientation to use the new equipment?

At the 30-minute orientation, you will receive your personalized identification band, learn how to operate the machines, and be taught how to navigate the equipment. The machines cannot be used without the band.

Are these machines free to use?

Yes! The eGym equipment is completely free for you to use once you have completed an orientation. There is an option to upgrade to eGym Premium for more workout options, but eGym Premium is not necessary to use the equipment. The YMCA is offering eGym Premium free for all members until December 15! Keep checking your inbox for more info on eGym Premium.

When can I sign up for an orientation?

Ask a staff member at the Mukilteo YMCA for more information on when and where you can sign up.