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Make lasting memories at the Monroe Family YMCA.
Serving families has always been at the heart of the Y. We are a place where you can find respite from social, economic, and educational challenges, and learn how to overcome them.
Family time at the Y is about giving families as a unit, and as individuals, the opportunities to deepen relationships, develop new skills and interests, improve their health and well-being, and connect to the community.

Kid’s Night Out | Ages 6 months – 11 years

We provide your family with the opportunity to thrive with some quality adult-only time! Drop your children off with us for a delightful evening of guided play, dinner, snacks and a movie.

Registration ends at 4 pm the Friday before the event. Registration is in branch only.
Pick-up ends promptly at 9 pm. Additional fees will be assessed for any children still in attendance after 9 pm.

Third Saturday of every month | 4-9 pm
Cost: $50 FM | $70 PM | $10 for each additional child

March 9 | Weird Science
April 13 | Step Right Up
May 11 | Buggin’ Out
June 29 | Pool Party
September 14 | Outdoor Art
Ocotber 12 | Costume Party
November 9 | Creation Station
December 14 | Pajama Party

Creating Mystical Creatures | 6-11

This art class will allow kids to explore art through mystical creatures. We will be creating pieces with mermaids, dragons, fairies, wizards and more!

Mondays | February 18-March 25 | 6-7:30 pm

Cost: $60 Facility Member | $70 Program Member

International Cooking  | 6-11

This class allows the young chefs to explore cuisines from around the world. Kids will have the opportunity to lean new cooking methods and try foods with a flavorful pallet!

Wednesdays | February 20-March 27 | 5:30-7 pm

Cost: $50 Facility Member | $60 Program Member

Family Bunco Night | All Ages

Family Bunco Game Night! Roll the dice and see who will be a winner of fabulous prizes! Email to reserve your spot for the evening. This event is to help support our Annual Campaign a cash or credit card donation will be accepted at the door.

Friday | February 21 | 6:30-8:30 pm

Cost: $5 Suggested Donation

Spring Cleaning Workshop | All Ages

Spring Cleaning!!! Need to find organizing solutions? Maybe have to many projects to prioritize? Does your home need to purge some clutter? Are you unsure where to start? How to get the kids involved in this process. Stop in and visit the Spring Cleaning Workshop and get some valuable resources and learn some new tricks to make cleaning/organizing fun!

Monday | March 4 | 10:30-Noon or 4-5:30 pm

Cost: Free

Kids Home Alone Safety | 9-13

Kids think they are ready to stay home alone and parents wonder if its ok to let them. This three
hour home alone class will teach students: responsibilities when staying home, simple first aid and abdominal thrusts for choking victims, how to navigate the online world, fire safety and what to do around an aggressive dog. We’ll also discuss the truth behind abuse, abduction, and stranger danger. All
participants will receive the Safe Kids 101 book.

Saturdays | Dates to choose from: March 23, June 1, October 5, | 9 am-Noon

Cost: $42 (No Program Member Fee)

Location: Youth Development Center

Family Art Night | All Ages

This is a great opportunity to share your families’ creative talents with your community. Bring art your family has created to share with the Y and have it on display. Also watercolors, colors, markers and color pencils will be available to get your creative juices flowing!

Friday | March 29 | 6:30-8 pm

Cost: Free

Recycle/Upcycle Workshop | All Ages

Recycling and Upcycling is a way to prevent items from going in to a landfill. Learn the ins and outs of recycling. Pick ups some resources of where to drop off all the old items. Learn some new ways to re-purpose old items!

Monday | April 1 | 10:30-Noon or 4-5:30 pm

Cost: Free

DIY for Kids | 5-15

Try your hand at do-it-yourself! this class will provide all the materials and take care of the mess. This is completely hands on and full of fun!

Mondays | April 1-May 5| 6-7:30 pm

Cost: $70 Facility Member | $80 Program Member

CUPCAKE-A-Paloza | 6-11

Cup Cake Creations Class will allow students to decorate cupcakes in a variety of ways. Students will learn how to use a piping bag and create some amazing sweets!

Wednesdays | April 3-May 8 | 5:30-7 pm

Cost: $50 Facility Member | $60 Program Member

Super Sitters | 11-15

Super Sitters is a program designed to train young people in basic babysitting skills, safety and infant/childcare. Those completing the course will be better prepared to provide a safer, more effective
and positive babysitting experience. The Super Sitters Course is taught by experienced, hospital-qualified instructors and includes: Parent Expectations, Basic First Aid, Child Development, Personal Safety, Heimlich Maneuver, Nutrition, Home Security, Fire Prevention, Telephone Tips, Toys and Activities, and Infant Care.

Saturday | Dates to choose from: April 13 or September 21 |9 am-2 pm

Cost: $50 (No Program Member Fee)