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The YMCA of Snohomish County recognizes the need for quality adaptive programming for community members with diverse abilities. These programs help people gain confidence, promote independence and responsibility, socialize and work with others, as well as nurture a healthy and active lifestyle. All programs are led by qualified, trained individuals who help promote a safe, friendly, and supportive environment.


Adaptive Swim | Ages 18 +

We offer paid adaptive swim lessons. Listed under the group swim lessons.


Miracle League Baseball | Ages 4+

Miracle League Baseball is designed for individuals requiring additional assistance to play. This program is adapted to be an inclusive, stress free, non-competitive game, where everyone hits, everyone runs bases, and everyone gets home. Buddies are provided for all players while on the field. Parents may sit in the stands to watch and cheer for their player.

Program usually runs in the Summer.

Schedule adjustments are made to accommodate players and families. Request adjustments at the time of registration.


Miracle League Bowling | Ages 5+

Miracle League Bowling is adapted for anyone who needs extra help in order to participate.  Ramps and bumpers are available, as well as, volunteers to be a buddy for the bowlers so parents can sit and watch.  Each bowler bowls two games and  shoes are included.  

Program usually runs January- March


Miracle League Basketball | Ages 7+

Adaptive Basketball is for players who need additional assistance in order to play. Players are divided into two groups, for pace and safety where everyone gets a chance to handle the ball, pass and shoot baskets, with guidance from the coaches and buddies for players so families can watch and cheer!

Program usually runs in the fall.


Adaptive Karate | Ages 7+

Isshinryu karate taught, an Okinawan style that does not use any kicks above the knee.

All abilities welcome. The class will focus on the development of the student’s personal integrity. Designed to inspires confidence, physical fitness, self-discipline and focus. Escapes and protection is taught but the class does not include aggressive techniques or sparring. Parents are encouraged to participate along-side their child and provide necessary assistance during class. This is not a drop off class without prior approval.


Adaptive Music

Music classes will be small, supportive, and stress-free. Focuses will be hands-on participation playing instruments, listening and learning rhythm and melody, motor control strength and control. Participants will experience movement, sensory integration, working together, a sense of belonging and acceptance, as well as the joy of making music.

Participants will have an opportunity to perform a holiday concert for family and friends.