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The Mill Creek Family YMCA is constantly growing and expanding its youth and adult sports programs, and hosts a variety of sports for all ages. All youth leagues focus on teaching youth teamwork, friendships, skills, and respect for coaches, players, and self. If you are interested in a particular sport please register online or you can also call the Welcome Center for further details.

Sports & Recreation Programs

Ballet | Ages 3-10

Preschool Ballet (Ages 3-4): A great introduction to the world of dance! Children strengthen key skills such as coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, and discipline in an encouraging environment.

Ballet I (Ages 5-6): Class instruction focuses on teaching correct body alignment, terminology, and technique, helping students gain physical strength, flexibility, stamina, and agility.

Ballet II (Ages 7-10): Dancers will be introduced to ballet history and increase technical skills through dance instruction and choreography.

Creative Dance | Ages 3-10

Creative Dance I (Ages 3-4): Students will learn dance technique, develop listening skills, and how to move expressively through themed movement exploration, stretching, and strength exercises.

Creative Dance II (Ages 5-6): Students will build upon their knowledge of the body and its ability to move with proper alignment and control using creative problem solving and dance skills.

Beginning Modern Dance (7-10): Dancers will challenge their flexibility, strength, agility, and creativity while exploring beginning modern dance principles and choreography.

Hip Hop | Ages 6-14

Combine the freedom and fun of rapid movement along with the discipline of sharp stops, pops and locks!

Homeschool Enrichment | Ages 5-14

Our Home School Programs are designed to fit your needs as a home school household giving your children an opportunity to gather with children of the same age to play games, increase coordination, learn teamwork, build strength, increase heart health, build relationships, and most importantly have fun!

Karate | Ages 6-14

Okinawa Shorin-ryu Matsumura Seito is a very traditional style of karate and is taught with a “Real World” attitude for today’s world rather then tournament style. No long stances or high kicks! We teach a range of traditional aspects; empty hand karate, kata (forms), tuite (self-defense/joint locks), bag work, one steps, kick drills, change body and kobudo.

Coaches Corner

Become a volunteer coach: A powerful opportunity to invest in kids’ lives.

We need volunteers like you. By giving a couple of hours each week, you impact a child’s life. Coaching is a unique opportunity to instill positive values and help kids develop healthy habits that extend far beyond the playing field. Our coaches provide a safe, healthy atmosphere, teach fundamentals of the game and promote the benefits of physical activity and teamwork.

As a coach, you become part of the Y family. You build a sense of community and spirit within your squad. Prior experience is helpful, but the only requirement is to lead youth as their mentor and hero. We provide the training, equipment and resources to help you prepare and succeed as a Y coach.

Coaches Handbook

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