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Marysville Family YMCA Personal Training

We’re now offering in-branch personal training!

We have experienced, certified personal trainers who are ready to create a personalized program to help you achieve your goals, no matter your current fitness level.

Y personal trainers provide the motivation and accountability to support you through every physical challenge and encourage you to try your hardest. Each one-on-one session will push you to your maximum potential, while ensuring proper form with a workout tailored to you. Through undivided attention and expert advice, your trainer will guide you every step of your journey.

Are you rehabbing from an injury? Are you looking to build muscle? Do you want to improve mobility? Your trainer genuinely cares about your goals and will partner with you to support, motivate, and celebrate your successes.

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Meet Your Trainer


Kate is an ISSA certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, exercise therapy, and DNA-based fitness coach. “I love empowering people to be their best self inside and out. I believe that we are built to do hard things. I encourage clients to challenge themselves because on the other side they will be stronger than what they were a moment ago, an hour ago, a day ago!” Kate’s favorite thing to do is go on adventures with her family and teach her new daughter new hobbies. 


Certified personal trainer with American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and had extensive experience in outdoor sport activities such as bicycling, skiing, hiking, and Equestrian sports. Wherever you are starting from, I will help you set small goals, learn proper technique and form to help you build confidence one step at a time. My goal is for you to feel the freedom and empowerment that fitness gives you, so you can enjoy life and take on the world! 

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All packages include a complimentary orientation for your first session. Get to know your trainer, share your goals and fitness history, and then you’re ready to get to work!