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My Y Story: Victor

Posted on: 03.08.2019

Victor was a marathoner in Mexico City, with his best time just over 2:50. He came to America in 2001 to help support his family. As the oldest of nine siblings, he needed to send money back home, and he soon became a butcher at a shop on Casino Road. Victor had a bad back, which caused constant pain and made it hard to walk long distances. Because of this, he fell into some bad habits.

About a year ago he discovered the Casino Road Academy’s English (ESOL) classes, and soon after a Y instructor came to class to share about lowcost
membership. Now, Victor is an avid Y member, attending yoga three times a week, swimming on two other days, and still attending ESOL
classes each quarter.

“The classes at the Y helped me to walk again, and the English classes helped me get better at reading and writing. They changed my life.”