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My Y Story: Ric

Posted on: 02.21.2019

Getting Stronger Every Day

Ric was in a serious car accident January 7, 2016 and is recovering from a traumatic brain injury. He was hospitalized for more than four months and did some outpatient therapy. Ric’s therapists suggested that further activity and swimming would be the key to Ric’s recovery. At that time, he could barely lift any weight at all.

After Ric’s accident he could not work. A friend mentioned that the Y provides affordable membership options, so Ric and his wife applied.

Ric visits the Y about three times a week and loves to socialize with friends. He has also returned to his passion of acting and singing.

Ric has improved his strength through swimming, using the SCIFIT machine, and lifting weights and can now lift 85 pounds! Ric and his wife enjoy bringing their grandkids to swim and attend YMCA family events.