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My Y Story: Jamieson

Posted on: 04.18.2019

Jamieson lives with an anxiety disorder that makes it especially difficult for him to participate in large group settings. He becomes non-verbal, struggles to communicate his needs, and tends to flee the situation. As a first time Y summer camper, this was a huge hurdle and presented the camp counselor with a unique challenge.

To help Jamieson feel safe at camp, the director created alternative activities for Jamieson and provided him with creative outlets to share his
feelings and help him to self-calm. By the end of the camp week, Jamieson was able to participate in camp activities and was able to communicate
when he needed some quiet time.

His mother Jessica shared in a letter to the YMCA, “I cannot thank you enough for the kindness you have shown Jamieson. It is not often he is granted patience and love from adults he interacts with in such a short time. . . You make the Y a safe place for him.”