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My Y Story: Aaron

Posted on: 11.30.2017

Growing Through Volunteering

“Guess what I have this weekend? Basketball tournament!’” Aaron shares, excited about his Special Olympics team. Now in his early thirties, Aaron has volunteered at our YMCA for more than 14 years.

Aaron contracted spinal meningitis when he was two weeks old, resulting in physical and mental challenges, including seizures. Aaron’s mother, Diane, feels the Y has helped him improve his communication and social skills that he now uses at his job at a local grocery store.

When asked what he thinks of the Y, a wide grin quickly spreads across Aaron’s face and he exclaims, “two thumbs up!”
Diane believes, “You can either shadow him all his life or let him live his life—I think that’s what the Y does. It gives him the ability to
be himself.”