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We know that you have a lot of choices to make in life, so let us help you make your decision to live a healthier lifestyle for you and your family a little easier.

Facility Memberships

Facility Membership is designed for regular users of our facilities and/or programs at the YMCA location of the member’s choice. Members receive year round program access and facility use. Most programs are offered at no additional cost, and there are savings on programs where a fee is charged.

Type Definition Monthly Dues Join Fee
Family with two adults Two adults and children, same residence $135 $100
Family with one adult One adult and children, same residence $106 $100
Two adults Two adults, same residence $116 $100
Adult Individual, age 30-64 $78 $100
Senior Individual, age 65+ $64 $100
Senior Couple Individuals, age 65+ $96 $100
Young Adult Individual, age 19-29 $52 $100
Teen Individual, age 11-18 $35 $0
Youth Individual, age 0-10 $25 $0

Learn more about the benefits included in our facility memberships here.


Day Pass

A Day Pass is available with valid Photo Identification.

Type Daily Fee
Youth (0-18) $5
Adult (19-64) $15
Active Older Adult (65+) $12
Family $25