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Health & Wellness

At the Mukilteo Family YMCA, we offer a wide variety of Health and Wellness programs from personal training to group exercises, including group cycle, aerobics, yoga, and specialty programs. View our group exercise schedules for more details.

Personal Training

A certified personal trainer will develop a structured program to help you reach your personal goals. Visit your branch Welcome Center for more information.

Balance for Living | Ages 18+

Learn how to engage your core and advance your balance with take home exercise programs. We will work together on functional balance training , working your muscles , understanding your sensory system while learning new muscle strengthening exercises.

Mondays | 9:30-10:15 am

June 4-July 30
Cost: $25 FM | $35 PM

Boot Camp Basics | Ages 18+

Are you ready to take it to the next level? Not for the fainthearted. 4 weeks of “out-of-comfort-zone” max-interval training focused on cardio, strength, speed, agility, and plyometics should push you to your limits!

Saturdays | 9-10 am

Summer 1 | June 5-30
Summer 2 | July 10-31
Summer 3 | August 2-31
Cost: $40 FM | $55 PM

Forever Fit Synergy

Join in the fun of our functional movement exercise playground with multiple stations and tools specifically geared towards teaching active older adults how to use the Synergy 360.

Wednesdays | 11 am-noon

Summer 1 | June 6-27
Summer 2 | July 11-August 1
Summer 3 | August 8-29
Cost: $50 FM | $75 PM

Lift Like A Lady | Ages 18+

Join us for a four week session that will dispel the myths associated with women and strength training and learn how strength training minimizes health risks. We will help you navigate yourself through a basic training routine utilizing Life Fitness machines and other basic resistance tools along with combining all the components of exercise in a fun and safe way.

AM Class | Tuesday & Thursday 9-10 am
PM Class | Tuesday & Thursday 7-8 pm

Summer 1 | June 5-28
Summer 2 | July 9-August 2
Summer 3 | August 7-30
Cost: $60 FM | $85 PM

Mom’s Summer Recipe Challenge

Join Sabrina Rice (Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and mother of 2) as she shares with you weekly recipes and helps guide you through healthy cooking for your family. This fun 4 week class makes healthy meal planning a breeze!

Mondays | Noon-1 pm

Summer 1: June 4-25
Summer 2: July 9-30
Summer 3: August 6-27
Cost: $30 FM | $55 PM

Summer walks with Sabrina!

Join Sabrina (Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach) on a health beneficial walk where you can learn all the healthy benefits of walking outdoors and making new friends at the same time!

Thursdays | 10 am

June 7-August 13
FREE FOR MEMBERS! No registration required, meet in lobby.