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Exercise Schedules

The Mill Creek Family YMCA is constantly growing and expanding its youth and adult sports programs, and hosts a variety of sports for all ages. All youth leagues focus on teaching youth teamwork, friendships, skills, and respect for coaches, players, and self. If you are interested in a particular sport please register online or you can also call the Welcome Center for further details.


Fall Outdoor Soccer | Ages 3-9

Registration: Closed
Season Dates: September 8-October 13 (Ages 3-4) & August 20-October 13 (Ages 5-9)

Fall Indoor Soccer | Ages 3-9

Registration: September 1-October 14
Season Dates: October 27-December 15

Youth Basketball Leagues | Age 3-Grade 4

Registration: Begins October 1
Season Dates: Begins January 7 (Age 5-Grades 4) & January 12 (Ages 3-4)


Sports & Recreation Programs

Ballet | Ages 3-9

Tiny Pointers: Do you have an aspiring ballerina?  Dance classes are a great introduction to getting active.  Children strengthen key skills such as coordination, balance, flexibility, strength and discipline in an encouraging environment.

Youth Ballet: Class instruction focuses on teaching correct body alignment, terminology, and technique. Through proper body alignment and technique students gain physical strength, flexibility, stamina, & agility.

Fall Session: September 25-December 11

Etiquette for Kids & Tots | Ages 3-13

Manners lessons from basic etiquette to specific rules, such as being polite, proper behavior for kids, table etiquette, integrity and much more!

Hip Hop | Ages 6-12

Combine the freedom and fun of rapid movement along with the discipline of sharp stops, pops and locks!

Upcoming Session: September 22-December 15

Homeschool | Ages 5-14

Our Home School Programs are designed to fit your needs as a home school household giving your children an opportunity to gather with children of the same age to play games, increase coordination, learn teamwork, build strength, increase heart health, build relationships, and most importantly have fun!

Fall Session: September 25-December 11
Gym & Art: Tuesdays from 12:30-2:30 pm, Swim & Gym: Thursdays from 12:30-2:30 pm

Jumpin’ Beans Preschool Tumbling | Ages 3-5

This class will introduce your child to basic gymnastics and dance movements to promote muscle and large motor skill development in a structured and fun environment.

Karate | Ages 7-14

Okinawa Shorin-ryu Matsumura Seito is a very traditional style of karate and is taught with a “Real World” attitude for today’s world rather then tournament style. No long stances or high kicks! We teach a range of traditional aspects; empty hand karate, kata (forms), tuite (self-defense/joint locks), bag work, one steps, kick drills, change body and kobudo.

Upcoming Session: September 12-December 12 (Beginner: new white belt) (Intermediate: returning white-blue belt) (Advanced: purple belt and above)

Parkour | Ages 6-12

Physical activity that combines the art of play and the science of movement.

Upcoming Session: September 29-November 17 (Ages 6-9) (Ages 10-14)

Tumbling | Ages 5-10

Tumblers will learn the proper beginning techniques and execution of many gymnastics and dance moves.