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Exercise Schedules

At the Mill Creek Family YMCA, we offer a wide variety of Health and Wellness programs from personal training to group exercises, including group cycle, aerobics, yoga, and specialty programs. View our group exercise schedules for more details.


Ongoing Programs

Right Start

Sign up for your complimentary three visits with your Wellness Coach. Sign up today at the Welcome Center.

Teen Strength Orientation

Participants will learn proper cardio skills, and safe lifting techniques using the strength circuit machines. All youth ages 12-13 must complete this session in order to use the circuit machines. Included in your membership.

Personal Training

A certified personal trainer will develop a structured program to help you reach your personal goals. Sign up today at the Welcome Center.

Pedaling for Parkinson’s

Pedaling a bicycle may change the life of someone with Parkinson’s disease. Join us for this three times a week class designed specifically for those with Parkinson’s. View our group exercise schedules for class details.


Specialty Programs

Metabolic Circuit

Sara will start your group in the Cardio/Weight room on machines and then transition to the Group X Studio where we will utilize our new, improved and awesome functional training equipment and continue the circuit. Here we will offer some great circuits meant to challenge metabolic fitness and strength in a functional, safe, and fun way.

Upcoming Sessions: September 11-October 4, October 9-November 1, November 6-December 4


Join us for a mini triathlon which includes a 40 minute swim, 40 minutes of cycling, and a run/walk/crawl outdoors. Each week you will start with either the swim or the bike, depending on participation and space. If you are preparing for your first ever tri or even an Ironman, this is for you.

Upcoming Sessions: September 30-November 4, November 11-December 16

Self-Defense Workshop

This workshop is for everyone who is interested in learning or improving their self defense skills.  Easy to remember, practical & useful moves and strategies help you from becoming a victim.  no experience necessary.

Fall Session: September 29 & October 6 from 3-4:30 pm

Resolve Small Group Workout

Weekly (or twice weekly) small group training with Maria. Whether you are continuing a program or just starting out, expect gains in strength in strength and endurance. This small group will provide focused and individual attention as you are guided through your workout.

Yoga Clinic: Shoulders & Hips

Join Vandana as she delivers a 4 session yoga clinic. The first clinic will focus on shoulders, and the next on hips. Class is limited to 12 people, and you will be treated to very personalized instruction and have the luxury of 90 minutes each session to develop progress in your practice, skill and understanding each time.