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A Healthier Company, a Healthier Bottom Line

It is estimated that 90% of healthcare costs are associated with preventable illnesses. With the YMCA Healthy Returns Partnership a company is not just investing in the health of its employees and their families, and in the long-term health of your company.

The YMCA’s Healthy Returns Partnership is more than a gym membership, it’s a partnership designed to help shape and promote a culture of improved employee wellness. Over a 15-year period, the National Wellness Association studied 30 companies with ongoing employee wellness programs. Their findings:

  • 62% fewer hospital admissions
  • 22% fewer sick days
  • 20-55% less overall healthcare costs
  • 25% fewer injuries on the job
  • 16% fewer doctor visits
  • 30% fewer worker’s comp and disability claims

Your company may be eligible for a tax benefit for offering an employee wellness program. Check with your tax professional.


The YMCA Healthy Returns Partnership establishes a three-way partnership between company, employee(s), and the Y. This partnership provides the opportunity for full access to all six YMCA of Snohomish County branches at a preferred price point.

This partnership begins with the company determining to provide a subsidy to their employee’s monthly YMCA membership fee. The YMCA joins the partnership with a match to the subsidy (up to a max subsidy of $12) provided by the company. The employee partnership happens with a personal decision to join the Y, and paying monthly for their membership.