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Position Information

Job Title:
Lifestyle Coach
Health & Wellness
$16.60+ DOE
Days & Hours:
varies by program and participant needs
Education & Experience

Previous experience coaching behavior change programming. E.g.: YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program, Healthy Lifestyles Behavior Change, ACT! Actively Changing Together or similar behavior change program experience.

Required Skills

• Strong communication and relationship building skills
• Ability to build community within a group and have empathy for health seekers
• Must be flexible to work with a wide variety of people, detail, data and be computer savvy
• Strong oral and written communication skills
• Must be able to remove “expert hat”, refraining from providing ideas or suggestions during facilitation
• Familiarity and proficiency with Listen First or motivational interviewing is required
• Understanding of behavior change is required


Facilitate and coach group classes within any of the YMCA of Snohomish County branches, and off site at various community partnership locations. Provide support and guidance to participants in the YMCA’s Lose to Win Program and implements standard curriculum for the program to help our diverse participants move along in their health journey.

Job Duties/Responsibilities:
• Deliver curriculum to class participants in effective, meaningful, culturally appropriate, and compelling ways
• Empower participants to find ways to make program goals fit their lifestyle
• Encourage group participation and interaction through the use of open-ended questions
• Facilitate commitment and retention of participants
• Create a motivating environment that is friendly and non-competitive
• Foster relationships with and between participants
• Make learning a shared responsibility of the group
• Prepare before each class (e.g. create class outline, have materials ready)
• Provide accessibility to participants both before and after sessions to answer questions and follow up on any questions you cannot answer during class time
• Follow up with participants outside of class if they are unable to attend
• Support and encourage goal setting on a weekly basis
• Record weekly data for each participant and enter data electronically within 24 hours of the class
• Communicate with participants, peer coaches, Program Coordinator in a clear, concise, timely and positive manner using Listen First Skills
• Offer ideas and tools for facilitation to the coach team and remain engaged with the team at all times
• Attend and participate in all coach team discussions, meetings and events for continuing education and skill development. May include but is not limited to: meetings, conference calls, webinars, peer observations.
• Perform other duties as assigned

Cause-Driven Leadership® Competencies

Y Culture:
• Build relationships with a diverse membership base in culturally responsive ways, connect members with one another and to the YMCA
• Exhibit Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility


Anna Folsom
360 804 2190

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