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Position Information

Job Title:
Lifeguard/Swim Instructor
Everett YMCA
$12.00+ DOE
Required Skills

• Must demonstrate lifeguard skills in accordance with YMCA standards
• Current First Aid, CPRPRO (BLS), AED and O2 certifications
• Current YMCA Lifeguard or RLSS, CRC, ARC Lifeguard
• Ability to pass lifeguard water test (swim 500 yards, including 100 yards each of sidestroke, front crawl, breaststroke, sidestroke kick with one arm forward, and inverted breaststroke kick with arm on the stomach; tread water using legs only for at least 2 minutes; and swim underwater for 15 feet)
• Ability to perform strenuous physical tasks necessary for a water rescue
• Ability to maintain certification-level of physical and mental readiness
• Ability to instruct and observe participants in proper stroke techniques
• Ability to lift equipment, and to lift a small to average size child (50 pounds)
• YMCA Swim Instructor certification or equivalent preferred
• Fluency in second language desired


Maintain safe swimming conditions in the pool, deck, and surrounding areas. Create a safe, positive and inclusive atmosphere that promotes member safety and engagement in accordance with YMCA policies, practices and procedures. Provide direct leadership, instruction and motivation for students in swimming classes/programs.

Job Duties/Responsibilities:
• Maintain constant surveillance of the pool area
• Know, review, and follow all emergency procedures and respond to emergency situations immediately in accordance with YMCA policies, practices and procedures, complete related reports as required
• Develop and maintain positive effective relationships with all including our diverse members, participants and other staff
• Know, understand, and consistently apply safety rules, policies and guidelines for the pool/aquatic area
• Maintain accurate records as required by the YMCA and/or the state Health Department code
• Perform equipment checks and ensure appropriate equipment is available as needed
• Check the pool for hazardous conditions when arriving
• Perform chemical testing at appropriate times of the day, as required, and take appropriate action
• Actively prevent and address suspected abuse
• Must be able to remain alert with no lapses in attentiveness
• Must be able to sit or stand for extended periods, able to move about including in/out of elevated chair
• Adequate ability to hear noises and distinguish distress signals
• Ability to continuously scan all areas of the pool with clear vision
• Ability to communicate verbally, including projecting voice across distance in normal and loud situations
• Instruct swimming lessons as assigned in accordance with YMCA guidelines, having prepared lesson plans accordingly
• Provide motivational support and guidance
• Encourage member and parent involvement and recruit potential volunteers
• Convey information on aquatics programs and schedules and as appropriate refers members and participants to other programs
• Maintain records as required (i.e. attendance, progress reports, etc.)
• Organize and puts away needed class equipment, report damaged equipment
• Perform other duties as assigned

Cause-Driven Leadership® Competencies

Y Culture:
• Build relationships with a diverse membership base in culturally responsive ways, connect members with one another and to the YMCA
• Exhibit Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility


Gael Gebow
425 374 5703

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