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Father’s Day is a Reminder of the Important Role Dads Play in Children’s Lives

Over 100 years ago, while listening to a Mother’s Day sermon, Sonora Louis Smart Dodd wondered why there was no similar holiday for fathers. One of six children, Dodd’s father was a single father and she felt he and others deserved to be honored. After securing support from ministers in Spokane, Wash., her idea came […]

Water Safety

Keep Your Kids Safe in and Around Water this Summer There is a list of basic life skills all parents instinctively know they must teach their children to keep them safe and healthy. It includes habits like looking both ways before crossing the street, washing your hands with soap and water, and eating the right […]

Keeping Kids Healthy, Active and Engaged This Summer

Summer is a time when children can let their imaginations run wild! From creating their own to plays to building forts in the backyard, there’s no limit to what kids can dream up—provided their properly supported. The Y wants to ensure all kids in Snohomish County awaken their summer imaginations through healthy eating habits and […]

Programming keeps kids moving, exploring and learning                                     

The YMCA Helps Youth Experience Their Best Summer Ever When the final bell of the school year rings, children run home, eagerly anticipating the freedom of summer. A week (sometimes even days) later, parents hear the dreaded two-word phrase: “I’m bored.” Parents need not fear as the YMCA of Snohomish County is making sure that […]

Black History Month

Inspire. Remember. Share.   Black History Month, and more importantly, the study of black history, is greatly owed to Dr. Carter G. Woodson, who first launched “[Black] History Week” in 1926. Woodson chose February because it marks the birthdays of two men who greatly impacted the American black population. Abraham Lincoln (president of the United […]

Reach Success by Reframing New Year’s Resolutions

As you change your calendar from December to January, there’s always a bit of a thrill in the promise of a new year that’s full of potential. The New Year is chance to start fresh and say goodbye to any of the frustrations the previous year held—a perfect opportunity to make resolutions that will help […]