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The Youth Sports Program teaches the basics of a sport in a fun and non-competitive environment that is enjoyable for the entire family.


For questions about our sports programs, please contact Shea Sullivan, Youth Sports & Skate Park Coordinator, at 425 493 2408 or

For questions about Youth Karate, please contact Kate Rossart, Senior Program Director, at 425 493 2415 or

For questions about Dance, Tumbling, or Drama, please contact Sandy Tan, Family Programs Coordinator, at 425 493 2411 or

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Using creative movement and play, activities will focus on basic tumbling, body awareness, balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, and most of all, FUN! Children will learn about health and nutrition with the use of hands on props, giant body puzzles to teach anatomuy and how the body works using books, plastic heart and brain etc. Leotard or comfortable clothing that can be tucked in, and long hair pulled up is required. No parent participation necessary.

When: Tuesdays

Ages 4-8: 5- 5:45 pm

Winter Session : February 28-April 25 (no class on April 11 & April 18)

Spring Session: May 9-June 20

Fee: $60 Facility Member/$80 Program Member

Contact Sandy Tan with questions at 425 493 2411 or

Art Class

Students will learn the basic fundamentals of fine art through drawing and painting using various mediums and techniques. They will learn about different artists and cultures as we travel and explore an art discovering journey. Students will showcase their art and hold a small reception with light appetizer/snacks and music during the last class.

When: Wednesdays

"Create with Art" for age 5-6, 4-5 pm

"Discovery Art" for age 7-12, 5:15-6:15 pm


Winter Session 1: January 4-February 22 (no class on February 8)

Winter Session 2: March 1-May 3 (no class on April 12 and April 19)

Spring Session: May 10-June 28 (Class dates subject to change based on instructor availability)

Fee: $80 Facility Member/$105 Program Member

For more information, contact Sandy Tan at 425 493 2411 or

Music Class

Music classes

Introductory students will begin learning the basic essentials to the lifelong art of playing an instrument. We will work on note identification, beginning sight reading, care and anatomy of the instrument and many more crucial beginner skills. For maximum benefit, home practice between sessions will be an important component of this course. A musical instrument will be provided during class.

For ages 8 to 15


Cello:  March 18-June 17*  8:45 –9:30 am

Violin:  March 18-June 10**  9:45-10:30 am

Fee: $60 Facility Member/$80 Program Member

* no class April 15 & 22, May 6, & June 3

 ** no class April 8, 15, & 22

 For questions, contact Sandy Tan at 425 493 2411 or


















Dance Class

Take A Chance And Dance!
These age appropriate dance classes are led by an experienced dance instructor and will focus on dance warm-ups, terminology, and techniques.

Winter Session: January 2-March 20

Spring Session: March 27-June 19 (no class April 10,17, and May 29)

Fee: Facility Member $60/Program Member $85

Class Descriptions & Times-All classes on Monday

Creative Movement: Encourages self discipline & self-confidence while incorporating coordination, rhythm and basic dance steps. Offered at 4-4:30 pm for ages 2-5.

Jazz: This energetic and fun dance form consists of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps, and quick turns. Offered at 4:30-5:15 for ages 5-7.

Ballet: A classical dance form demanding grace and precision. Offered at 5:15-6 pm for ages 5-7.

Hip-Hop: Combine the freedom and fun of rapid movement along with the discipline of sharp stops, pops, and locks! Great for beginners or for those who have taken dance before and would to try something new. Offered at 6-6:45 pm. For ages 6-12.   

Advanced Hip-Hop:  Students move beyond the basics of Hip Hop and begin learning more difficult choreography, along with advanced strengthening/flexibility exercise. Students must have at least one year of prior dance experience, or have taken at least one session of Beginner Hip Hop with the teacher's permission to move on to the advanced class. Come ready to dance and learn new skills! Offered from 6:45-7:30 pm for ages 9-16.                                              


Sandy Tan, 425 493 2411 or


Our staff will encourage your child to think freely and get creative through games, activities and productions. Children will develop characters that will culminate at the end of each session in a show production. Children learn how to work as a team while spending time rehearsing and preparing for the shows.

Age: 6-10

Winter Session: February 2-March 23

Spring Session: March 30-June 1 (no class April 13 & 20)

Fee: $70 Facility Member/$85 Program Member

Contact: Sandy Tan at 425 493 2411 or



Homeschool Zone

Take a break and let us provide enrichment activities and physical education for your homeschooler. This is a great opportunity for you to drop off your kids for structured instructional time. Participants will get an hour of pool time and an hour of gym time. Pool time offers a combination of swim lessons and free play. In the gym students are instructed in physical education; learning conditioning drills and playing games.

Ages: 5-16

When: Fridays, 10 am-noon.


Winter Session: January 6-February 24

Spring Session 1: March 3-May 5 (no class April 14 and April 21)

Spring Session 2: May 12-June 30

Fee: $60 Facility Member/$90 Program Member

For questions, contact Sandy Tan at 425 493 2411 or


A unique blend of fitness for children based upon cardiovascular movement, body-weight strength exercises and fun games that they will enjoy. Weekly creative themes to explore different areas of fitness, including warm up, using large & small motor muscles, core conditioning, and cool down with yoga-styled stretching moves.

Ages: 4-10

When: Thursdays, 4-4:45 pm,

Winter Session: February 2-March 23

Spring Session: March 30-June 1 (no class April 13 & 20)

Fees: $40 Facility Member/$70 Program Member


Youth and Lil' Dragons Karate

Learn self-confidence, self-defense, safety awareness, self-discipline and respect, all while having fun! Physical contact is NOT allowed in the beginner classes. Each session ends with an optional belt testing, parent demonstration, and awards presentation. A quality karate uniform is suggested (not required).

Spring Session: March 15-June 14 (no class April 12 & 19)

Summer Session: June 28-August 16. No class on July 5

Lil' Dragons
Ages 5-6
5-5:45 pm
*Sessions limited to 14 participants. Register early to reserve your space.

Youth Schedule Summer

Ages 7-16
Beginner/Intermediate 6-6:45 pm
Advanced (with sparring) 6:50-8 pm

Fees: $55 Facility Member/$80 Program Member.

Youth & Rookie Outdoor Soccer

April 17-June 10

Children learn the fundamentals of soccer, building skills in a non-competitive environment. Providing a positive, family oriented and fun experience, this program focuses on skill building and sportsmanship. All teams are co-ed. Teams will be assigned to a Mukilteo School District field once team registration is complete.

Little Rookie: Age 3-4 and Rookie: Age 5-6

Teams will meet on Saturdays for a 30 minute practice followed by a 30 minute scrimmage.

Fee: $80 Facility Member/$100 Program Member

Youth: Age 7-14

Teams will practice 2 days a week for an hour with games on Saturdays.

  • Age 7-8: 5 or 6 pm practice, Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs
  • Age 9-10: 5 or 6 pm practice, Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs
  • Age11-14: 5 or 6 pm practice, Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs

Fee: $90 Facility Member / $110 Program Member

For additional information, contact Shea Sullivan, Youth Sports and Skate Park Coordinator, at 425 493 2408.


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