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Programs at Casino Road

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My Achievers Program

MAP has traditionally run as an after school program for middle school and high school youth. The program is designed to meet twice a week during the course of the school year,with additional field trips and college tours on Fridays.

Locations and Hours:

Voyager Middle School
Wednesday & Thursday, 2:45-4:30 pm,

Explorer Middle School
Tuesday & Wednesday, 2:45-4:30 pm

Mariner High School
Thursday & Friday, 2-4 pm

More info?

Contact Ricardo Heredia, 425 493 2435 for more information on our MAP Program!

Grow 60 at the Y!

This fall we’re launching Grow 60, a five-day-a week initiative at the CRCC to provide 60 minutes of  skill-building, eye-opening opportunities for youth each day.

With a special emphasis on working with partners and volunteers to teach outdoor skills, STEM, and the arts, Grow 60 is intended to provide our kids the chance to develop a passion for something, so they can become inspired, create big dreams, and work towards those dreams.


Monday - Thursday, 4-5 pm

Fridays,3-4 pm

During the School Year


Casino Road Community Center


September 18 - November 17


Monday:  Tech-Out with 4-H

Tuesday: Wise Kids with Camp Fire               

Wednesday: Chess with Jerry

Thursday: Girl Scouts & Activities For Boys

Friday: Art with Colleen (3-4pm)


Ricardo Heredia

425 493 2435





Children's Village

14 East Casino Road
Everett WA 98204

425 512 8050

School Days:
3:15-6:15 pm
Non-School Days:
12:30-5 pm

Weekends: Noon-3 pm*
*during the school year only

All youth welcome. No Y Membership Required.



Contact: Ricardo Heredia
Director of Youth Outreach
(425) 493-2435 


Alice Martin Family Fund

This new endowment fund was established in honor of the late Alice Martin, with all interest from the fund benefiting our Casino Road programs in perpetuity. Please visit our Endowed Giving page.