Single-Day Child Care

Mill Creek YMCA

Bring your children to us each month for an afternoon and night out. While you get some time to get things done or enjoy a show, our staff will be ready to entertain and care for your kids!

  • Games, crafts and playing time
  • Healthy Snack or Dinner provided


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Date Night

Ages: 6 weeks-4 years old and 3-10 years old
Date Night offers you time to yourself while your children hang out with us at the Y. Every Date Night we serve cheese pizza with a side, play all kinds of games, and have lots of fun with our friends. Children ages 6 weeks-4 years old, not toilet trained, will be in Child Watch (where dinner is not provided, but fish crackers are served as a snack option). Children ages 3-4, that are toilet trained are welcome to join the older kids’ activities outside of Child Watch. If you have a 3 or 4 year old that is toilet trained, you can choose which age group you want them in.

When: First Friday of every month from 6-9 pm

Summer Dates & Themes:

September 1 - It's a party, birthday style
October 6 - Pirates!
November 3 - PJs, popcorn and a movie (Hocus Pocus)

Facility Members: $18 per child
Program Members: $25 per child
Community Members: $35 per child

Kids Night Out

Ages: 4-10
It’s a night out for you and your kids! Enjoy a worry-free evening out while your kids have a blast playing games, doing crafts, exploring new things, and we’ll even provide a healthy dinner. Every month has a special theme to get excited about, your kids will have a great night and so will you! Check back quarterly for upcoming dates and monthly themes.

  • A completed registration form is required at time of payment so online registration is not available, please register with the Welcome Center.
  • Registration closes the Friday before

When: Third Saturday of the Month from 5:30-10:30 pm

Online registration is available, a registration form is also required. It can be downloaded here.


Afternoon Out and Date Night:
Contact Dana Hendricks 425 224 8044
Kids' Night Out:
Contact Eleanor Peavey 425 357 3024

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