Ironman Challenge

Challenge your friends, or just have fun doing your very own Ironman over the course of the month of February! Use the equivalency chart to track your progress in miles on your tracking sheet.

Program Fee: $20. (Includes commemorative t-shirt) Register at your branch today!

Click here to download a copy of the tracking sheet


(76 laps in Everett and 85 laps in the 25 yard pools)

One lap (swimming or kickboard) = 1 box  

Water fitness class = 2 boxes

Arthritis water class = 2 boxes


Stationary bike (upright or recumbent) = 1 box per mile

Cycle outdoors = 1 box per mile

Cycle class =  1 box per mile

Arm cycle = 1 box per mile


Treadmill (run or walk) = 1 box per mile

Running outdoors = 1 box per mile

Group exercise class = 2 boxes


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