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Fitter Faster Swim Stroke Clinic, Fundraiser

Posted on: 02.22.2018

Looking to improve your current ability in the water? Our clinic will give you the opportunity to see how you swim, get feedback on your stroke and learn more about drills and the mechanics of swimming.

When: March 24, 4-7 pm (4-5 pm has additional fee)

Cost: $35 donation

Additional option: Personal swim critique and coaching, $15

The clinic includes

  • 4-5 pm Video Session (optional and limited time slots). Our coaches will film your swimming above and below the water so you can see for yourself how you swim. Our coach will arrange to meet with you individually to discuss stroke technique (this will happen outside the swim clinic). Reserve your video session by emailing
  • 5-6 pm Education. Understand the mechanics of swimming, learn more about different types of equipment and drills that can and will help you become a stronger swimmer.
  • 6-7 pm Swim time! Put the drills into action while receiving feedback and tweaks to improve your performance.

Bring your swim cap, goggles, suit and any other equipment you use. See you at the pool!