Bob Nord, Active Older Adult

An Active Life Greatly Improves A Long Life


As Bob Nord stands in the Y, he can vividly remember being there as a boy, hovering at the edge of the pool, overcoming his fear, plunging in and passing his swim test. “That’s the way they did it in those days,” he recalls. What’s truly remarkable is that “those days” were about 80 years ago!

Today at age 90, Bob swims every day for an hour and follows it up with 30 minutes on the treadmill. He admits he isn’t fast, but he doesn’t stop.

Bob sees the Y as more than a place to work out – he believes that it’s a pillar of the community, and has been so in his many years of experience with the organization. The sense of community he feels at the Y helps motivate him to keep coming back.

“I can’t imagine what life would be like without the activity of the Y. Exercising at the Y keeps my mental attitude and my health up and improves my whole quality of life.”

At the Y, we exist to strengthen community. Together with people like you, we nurture the potential of kids, help people understand and improve their health, and provide opportunities to give back and support our neighbors.

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